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Letter from the Founder 

Coming from a corporate background, my shift into Real Estate & Interior Design is far from ordinary. I was working in investment banking and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis). Triggered by stress, the environment I found myself in was no longer healthy. I ended up leaving my job to focus on myself and my true passions.

It began with a friend needing help designing her NYC apartment while I was working full-time. She knew my sister and I had fun designing spaces and we did everything virtually. It was amazing!

After that first project, we started helping more friends and family to freshen up their spaces through design and became known as “The Chic Atiqs” (where the “CA” originates). Shortly thereafter, my husband and I purchased our first home and renovated extensively. In doing so, we learned the value of sweat equity and the power of real estate in wealth creation.

So, I obtained my real estate license to acquire the knowledge and foundation I needed to better serve my clients as we officially launched in November 2018. That is when this turned from dream to reality; the beginning of CA Realty & Design. I am grateful for all the support and trust my clients have in me and our growing team. We strive to provide excellent, meaningful service as we continue to grow!



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